Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Swinging in the Park

We went to "Oso de Oro" (Golden Bear) Park recently and Maren got to try the swings for her first time. She's not a big fan.

I tried to get her to smile, but she wouldn't. Oh well. Maybe she'll like it in a few months.

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Christian & Stephanie said...

Kadee still hates the swings. She always begs to get in them and then she cries like she is about to die. Oh and the only thing I can come up with on the pink eye is from Kadee touching Maren with her cold. Getting some of those germs on her hands and then rubbing it in her eyes without cleaning them first. Kadee was kissing her face at Davido and Rachelles so she probably got some snot on her. Oh well it could be worse!