Sunday, May 24, 2009

my precious garden

corn--4 rows

snap peas

left to right (weeds, carrots, onions, more weeds)

squash --at least 30 plants



We have had a very successful first garden.
We sure did over plant though!
The only thing that didn't come up is the broccoli.
We are enjoying snap peas and squash right now.
We are looking forward to watermelon, green beans, onion, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, pumpkin and corn.
The secret for me is the TIMER on my sprinkler. It makes all the difference in the world.

I can't even tell you how exciting this is for us.
The kids are excited about it all too.
Great way to get kids eating vegetables!

Friday, May 22, 2009

maren's preferences

Maren's new favorite thing is Daddy.

When I tell her to go get her blanket off my bed, she corrects me with: "No, Daddy's bed".

When I tell her I am in my room, it's : "No, Daddy's room".

When I ask her who she wants to change her diaper, her answer is always the same: "Daddy do it".

I don't mind being second best at all. It has its perks.

And, to tell you the truth, I think Dad is secretly proud of being the fav. (even though he's stuck changing lots of diapers)!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Late Pics

Some people who scrapbook (I don't!) are a year or more late! So I figure that a month or so late isn't too bad.

Easter dresses and big smiles

The Easter Egg hunt

When Maren realized that candy is in the eggs,
she really got into it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

All tied up

We're even now.

3 girls, and 3 boys.

And we are thrilled about it.

P.s. We're temporarily debating between
Benson, Drew, and Blake (this is not set in stone though, got it?).

Help? Suggestions? Opinions? Other great family-related boy names?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Classic BYU Ward Talent Show

Starring Spencer and his roommates! (a long, long time ago)

the first of the belly shots

16 weeks--this pictures makes my belly look smaller than it actually is.
I think it's the shirt-layer-trick.

18 weeks--Taylor took this shot. Not bad.

I'm not saying that I'm big, I'm saying that for 18 weeks I'm huge!!

And someone did ask me if I was having twins.

That made for one really depressing day.

Much better now

WARNING These pictures are graphic....

They really aren't for you if you have a weak stomach....

Do you REALLY want to see these?

OK, fine.

Here is Day after the burn. The doctors have taken off all extra skin.
Here is Spencer on Day 2. You can tell he was burned on his face as well. If you look closely at the bandages, you will notice a lot of "weeping" through.
Spencer's face at it's worse. The skin has started peeling off. Maybe it looks better from the side?

It only took a few days to get his face back to normal again thanks to BACITRACIN--an anti-bacterial ointment similar to Neosporin.
We did all sorts of treatments to Spencer's hands. This is a natural clay, called Redmond Clay, that we applied a few times. It really did work wonders on those big hands.
Other products that we used are SILVADINE and bacitracin and a natural product from Figi made out of pig fat and herbs that hasn't been patented yet (thanks to Spencer's Great Aunt Ruth and Cousin Emily).

This is probably 3 or 4 days after the burn.

Three or four days after the burn.

This is about one and a half weeks after the burn.
I feel like Spencer has healed at an extremely rapid rate. It's been two and a half weeks now and he's ready to go back to work. He has full function of both hands and all is well. We are blessed.