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Here's the big one

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Disclaimer: This is Spencer Posting this and Sarah wants nothing to do with it!  

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I frequent the library all the time and read a lot of books on random subject(fiction and non-fiction).  Well, last summer I went through a survival book stage and read several survival manuals.  One thing I remember is that you can eat insects, worms, bugs, etc to stay alive and some of those things are very nutritious to say the least.  

Our lawn is full of worms and Grubs if you dig for them so on Saturday I was doing some work in the orchard with the kids and Taylor and Mckay were having fun finding worms and Grubs to play with.  I casually(or not so casually) mentioned that the grubs were edible and suggested to Taylor that she should try to eat one.

I was surprised to see Taylor get excited at this idea especially since she had somewhat bonded with the grub and told me several times that it liked her.(I replied that it probably wouldn't like her so much once she tried to eat it...)

Well, I figured I should get some proof of her eating a grub so I told her to wait while I went inside for a camera.  When I got back she didn't want to eat it anymore because it was covered in dirt so we washed it off with the hose and she took one look at her shiny clean Grub and popped it into her mouth.  
After chewing and swallowing she proclaimed that it was good.

After she finished eating I told her that I'd go get her a piece of candy to wash the worm down with.  Mckay immediately blurted out that he wanted one too (he is VERY motivated by candy).  so we hunted down two more grubs and I gave him the option of which one he wanted to eat.  Of course he said "The Big One!"

So we washed it off and he popped it into his mouth, chewed for several moments, swallowed, and said "Yum."  

I feet proud to be their father!  When they went into the house I was tempted to eat one also after hearing the great reviews of the taste by my children but I couldn't get myself to do it.   Oh well, there's always next week!

Note: For those concerned it has been 24 hours and my kids are showing no signs of sickness!...Although Taylor was a little onery in Sundayschool today...  :)

This is Taylor's Post-Grub eating interview