Friday, June 25, 2010


I can't believe my third baby is three now. She has been such a joy to us. She has a great personality and steals every one's heart. We love you Maren.

Great America Trip

All my kids got to be in a circus production at Great America. Taylor is the tight-rope walker!

Maren was the adorable clown! Grandma got to be the strongest woman in the world!!
She was hilarious.
McKay -- the lion tamer!!

McKay got carried away and had to show that he could do it too!!

The weather was beautiful and the lines were non-existent! We had a great time!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


For Memorial Day, we went to Rohnert Park to see Clarke's beautiful family. They were fantastic hosts. We went to Armstrong State Park and the coast. So awesome.
I put Taylor & McKay in T-ball this year. It's perfect for us. We aren't really baseball fans, or sport fans for that matter, so this 45 minute, don't- keep-score team is just right.
. He's the best. baby. ever. He's crawling and cruising around the furniture now. He has his first teeth coming in at eight months!
Taylor graduated first grade and did great this year. She received an award for reading the most books in her class. Go Taylor.

Other news: Maren is potty trained. It took a day with Dad. Spencer gets most of the credit. Thank you, husband.

McKay graduated from Preschool. He was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, "a bad guy". Oh dear!!! Why does he love to be bad?