Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Yesterday was quite the day for accomplishing new things!

1. I made my very first pie! (I'm just not a big pie person). It actually LOOKED appealing!! That's good, right? You have no idea how giddy I was about this accomplishment. The kids couldn't wait to eat my pie! ... I got a clear message that the crust needed work, when everyone's plates were full of uneaten, hard-as-rocks crust pieces. However, the pumpkin filling (from a pumpkin, not a can, I must add!) was devoured.

Undeterred by the crust comments and obvious dislikes, I got busy last night finding and making a new crust. That's my next goal--master the crust!! This pie stuff is an art!

2. I taught Taylor and McKay their first sewing lesson! They each made their own Thanksgiving pillow to help our home have a little more turkey decor!
They each machine sewed, stuffed, and hand-stitched their very own pillows! I was amazed at how focused and driven they were to complete this task by themselves.

3. McKay's top front tooth fell out!

What a great day!