Monday, May 12, 2014

mother's day

Here's some of the highlights from my Mother's Day cards. How could they not put a smile on my face?
Maren: you mack the best food.
McKay: You make a better driver than crazy dad. You make the best cook. thank you for helping us with homework. and that's why i like you so much.
Taylor: Thank you for always making us clean. it makes the house wonderful. (WHAT?!!!! When I asked her about this, she said, "Oh, I was just kidding....) Also thank you for getting me the fluffiest kitten in the world, I love it. Thank you for making us dinner and sometimes breakfast. I hope you love Jesus and Heavenly Father. You have a great personality.

Kids are so adorably funny!
P.S.  Mom, Happy Mother's Day!  I love you!  It was fun to spend the day with you and honor you for being a great mother!

Monday, November 25, 2013

fall beach trip

The weather at the beach is always perfect in the fall in Central Ca.  When we go in the summer it seems like it is always foggy and chilly.  In the fall, it is sunny and beautiful and warm.  We had such a great time.  Hannah loved the water (and being nude for a while...she can still get away with it, right?!!), that is she loved it until she fell in.  Ha ha!  We saw a dead seal,  live sand dollars, sand crabs galore, pelicons, seagulls, and even a dead rat.  The kids stayed busy collecting shells, playing in the sand, and splashing in the water.  GOOD TIMES!!!

soccer 2013

We had a great season!  I am so happy to say that!!!  I am the one that sort of "persuaded" (more like coerced) them into playing, and then they ended up liking it!  Yay!  The part that I didnt like is soccer took way too much of our time away from home.  I think that M's confidence really increased when he knew he was good at defense.  Taylor did great too. I'm really proud of both of them.  McKay played defense and Taylor played mid-field (is that what it's called?  You'd think I'd know, right?!).

fall fam

Here's our attempt to get family pictures this year!  They turned out ok considering we only had 10 minutes. I wish we had more time in the park.  We took them in the Japanese Gardens in Woodward Park in Fresno.  We took a million shots and only a few turned out OK.  Luckily, the little subjects are adorable, so it all worked out. (I haven't cropped or edited them yet)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

a little more catch up

Here's Taylor's 10th birthday party!

 I did a Sprint Triathalon with a friend in September!  It was awesome! I would love to do another one!!!

 Here's crazy Hannah for you.  This picture was taken sometime this summer.  She is into EVERYTHING!!!