Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm gone

Hannah put her hands over her eyes a couple days ago and said, "Mom, I'm gone because my eyes are gone!"  I told her to come back.  She promptly took her hands from her eyes and she said, "I'm back now.  I went to the workshop."

Santa fail

According to Maren's letter to Santa that I just received yesterday (January 13th), Santa made a big mistake this Christmas.

"Dear Santa, How are you?  Her's what I want for Christmas.  A robot hours (horse) that I can ride around the howus.  I allso want a toy spider that has a remote and fack (fake) webs.  Last I want a pet spider tht is traind so I can hold it.  Love Maren"

Oh dear!

Monday, January 5, 2015

dance recital,christmas tree lane, christmas eve, and christmas day 2014

Sorry, the pictures got shuffled around and I'm not going to put them in the right order.  I have the gosepl AND ALL THIS!  Wow.  God is good.

 my beautiful ballerinas!!!