Sunday, August 12, 2012

this week

Maren starts school tomorrow!  When we asked her if she is ready, she replied, "I've been waiting my whole life to go to Kindergarten"!  I hope this lasts.

We took off Maren's training wheels a week ago.  It's time and she's ready.  She woke up the next day and asked,  "Do I know how to ride my bike now, Mom?...or was that just a dream?"

We escaped the heat yesterday by taking a day-trip to the beach.  Saturday was our last day of fun before the hustle and bustle of school!  I didn't take a single picture though.  Sad!  We all had fun....except for Kat.

Kat had her third litter of puppies yesterday after the beach trip.  Four males!  One white with brown spots, one fawn, one light brown, one dark brown.

more catch up (2011)

I have to post some pics that I missed from last year!

 Taylor's second grade end-of-the-year ceremonies.  Ms. M always bragged about Taylor being the perfect student.  Go Taylor!
 Maren's 4th birthday party with family!
 Maren with cousin Lucy!  Best buds!
 McKay's 6th birthday gift!
 More 6th birthday presents for McKay.  Go BYU paraphernalia!
 This boy likes to dress up, wear everyone else's shoes, and push things.
 Taylor's big 8 birthday gift--a new bedroom set!  (Sorry it's messy!)
 Mom's birthday party at my house!

 Pioneer Day Face Painting
 Taylor's 8 year party with neighbor friends!  We love these girls!
McKay would not wiggle his lose teeth, so the new ones grew in before the old ones came out!

 Train Museum in Sacrament with Clarke's family
 In front of the capital building with my big belly showing
 Skiing two years ago with spencer...don't know if I ever posted about that!  Lots of fun with the Pender's!
 Our little pup, Kat!!!  Best dog ever (she's three now)
 Spencer's flag football grass burn..OUCH!

Christmas 2011!!!  My beautiful children!