Sunday, August 10, 2014

utah family reunion photo favorites

Thank you to the AMAZING Kelia, who took these pictures!!

long post

I have a lot of catching up to do, so here it goes!!!  This is spring through to July 3rd.  What a blessed and wonderful life I have!  God is so good!
 At the end of the school year, McKay got to do a report on Albert Einstein.  This was our attempt to dress him like Einstein!
 Hannah loves to pick the plums off the trees and just hang out in the garden!

 Maren and Taylor decided to get "creative" with the berries and made some paint...or blood...or something.
 Benson and Hannah being silly and cute!

 Spencer LOVES the pool that he assembled in the back yard!  We have put it to good use this summer!  I really don't know what we would have done with out it!

 I encourage the children to snail collect being that we have thousands!  Then I encourage them to wash their hands!  Then I encourage Dad to slaughter the snails.

 Last day of school faces!!! Taylor got to have her friend, Kimberly, over for some swimming!
 These little princesses get along really well, which always makes for a happy home!
 Is she really seven?!!!
 I made her an Elsa costume.  Please don't make fun.  I'm not a sewer, but sometimes I try.
 Frozen Cake!  I ordered the little characters online and just plopped them on the cake!  Fancy, right?

 Baseball, baseball, baseball.  Spring has been a t-ball and baseball type of season!  McKay's team won the Madera City League Championships!  It was so fun to watch and support him! His confidence in himself has grown a lot.

 Dad got to be the coach for Maren and Benson's t-ball team.  That made for an enormous convenience for me.  I was a slacker mom because Dad was there!  Yay!  Thanks, Spencer!

 Taylor and Maren entered a little art contest and won some ribbons!

 Waterpark fun!  I couldn't take a decent shot because the kids were way too preoccupied at the park!  The Clarke Bj cousins came with us! We've had some good time with them this summer!
 Andrew and McKay enjoying shaved ice with Grandma B, her favorite thing this summer!
 Ready for dress rehearsal!
 Taylor performed so well in her Gavotte ballet number during the Cinderella dance recital.  This was her first, and not last, year doing ballet.

Lexi is a good friend in her dance class and friend from K-4th grade.

 Here's Baby #6 at her finest!  This is a twenty ish week check up.

 Maren had a bread-making day at her school with all the first graders.  We sure had fun making that bread!
 Here's M in her tap costume.  She danced to "Shake a tail feather".
 Hannah loves to get mower rides with Dad.  I love it too.
  The pergola grapes are yummy!  We've been eating on blueberry grapes for a couple months.

 Benson is a little swimmer now!  There's nothing like a pool in your backyard to teach you how to swim!

For my birthday this year, we rented a jet ski and went to Shaver.  My parents joined us for some good times!  The kids all LOVED it!