Monday, April 12, 2010

scripture study

We started reading the Book of Mormon this year. It's amazing to me that even McKay and Maren enjoy it--they don't even read yet. There is a special spirit that comes with this book.

Oh, and it helps that we read at bedtime. So of course they would rather read the scriptures than go to bed.

Reading each night has brought some unexpected blessings. Taylor has leaped ahead of her class in her reading advancement. It's awesome to hear her reading words like "iniquities", "inheritance", "merciful" and "obedience"--with no help!

This has been great for our family.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

i haven't blogged in a while

So recently I became a facebooker and consequently, I have been neglecting my blog!

Here's Benson at six months. Yes, his eyes are always just like that. Pop!
Here's the girls playing on a cold, wet, spring day in their princess dresses. There they go to check for eggs.

I've only given Benson plain oatmeal cereal and he's not the biggest fan. Maybe I need to add something to it.
We built these budget shelves in our garage. They were so inexpensive and easy, and they get the junk lying in my garage off the floor--yay!

Spencer put this bouncer-thingy in a hook in the wall and we love it just as much as Benson loves it.
I love my little bold boy!