Sunday, April 11, 2010

i haven't blogged in a while

So recently I became a facebooker and consequently, I have been neglecting my blog!

Here's Benson at six months. Yes, his eyes are always just like that. Pop!
Here's the girls playing on a cold, wet, spring day in their princess dresses. There they go to check for eggs.

I've only given Benson plain oatmeal cereal and he's not the biggest fan. Maybe I need to add something to it.
We built these budget shelves in our garage. They were so inexpensive and easy, and they get the junk lying in my garage off the floor--yay!

Spencer put this bouncer-thingy in a hook in the wall and we love it just as much as Benson loves it.
I love my little bold boy!


nate and marne said...

i love reading about everyone's lives on blogger and facebook!! we'll have to become closer friends on there! it looks like you have been having fun though, and you have 4 kiddos like me. good for you! keeps like busy though, huh? :)

aj said...

Sometimes I can't believe that you have FOUR kids. Love it. I miss you. That's all.

Stephanie said...

Jacen loved the bouncer. Is Benson crawling yet? Well keep in touch.

Raechal said...

Benson is so cute Sarah! Those eyes are stunning! What a beautiful and sweet family you guys have. :)