Friday, August 30, 2013

another kid messing with the camera

I love my willow tree.  It's another favorite part of the back yard.  The kids love to climb....if you couldn't tell.

We love Geotracks!  Hannah is huge now!  I think we are back to winter...or fall of 2012.  And Monkey, I mean McKay, learns a new trick.

spring time 2012

I love watching my tree go through the processes of change.  It's magical.  Spring is wonderful.
For Christmas we got this bigger trampoline.  It's a big hit for all the kiddos.  Consequently, mom is fond of it too!

fieldtrip to san juan baptista

Taylor got to go to a California mission in fourth grade.  She really liked it.  I think she had a good time taking my camera with one big word of caution from mom: DON'T lose it!!! I love her photos. Isn't she cute with that angry face on?!  I think yes.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


We have enjoyed watching four litters of puppies grow up.  These two pups are from our first batch.  This is "bear" and "blue".   I have loved studying the mama chihuahua, "Kat", be a mom.  I love watching her give birth, (I know, kind of weird) and I love watching her be protective and motherly and I love watching the puppies change so rapidly.

Friday, August 16, 2013

soccer and gymnastics

Maren got to take gym last fall.  We did it for a couple months... and then mom got tired of paying the bill and being the chauffeur.   M loved it though and wants to  dance this fall.

 Mckay did soccer last fall and seems to like it.  I put him and Taylor in soccer again this year.  Ironically, he has the same sponsor as last year.  I hope he has a good season.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

he's 7! Summer 2012

I love this little big guy!