Sunday, April 3, 2011

april fools 2011

I wanted to pull a harmless prank on Spencer this year for April Fool's. Last year I put books in his pillow case. Harmless, but fun for me! I get a kick out of the smallest things.

I researched ideas on the internet and the best I could find that would work for me would be putting salt on his tooth brush. So that is just what I did!

I prepared the toothbrush mid-morning, then had to wait all day! At about 5pm I randomly asked him if he had brushed his teeth yet. He looked at me with a the that's-a-really-random-question glance and said "No, why?"

Oh, no reason. Just wondering.....(muwahahahah!)

That night we traveled to Clarke and Char's (three and a half hour drive) and played in a Rook Tournament. With all the commotion, I got really distracted. We didn't end up brushing our teeth until midnight. We were so into the results of the Rook games that I completely FORGOT about the toothbrush. I FORGOT to watch for the funny look on Spencer's face and laugh my head off when I saw him put the toothbrush to his mouth. Grrrrr!!!! I missed it!!! He didn't say anything in the bathroom.

When we got in bed I asked him, "so, did you brush your teeth? How was it?"

He said, "What did you DO to my toothbrush? It tasted disgusting!!"
He showed me what his face looked like. (I'm sure you can imagine...I put a LOT of salt. :D)

Then I got my good laugh and it was all worth it. I only wish I would have been paying attention!