Monday, November 5, 2012

talent show in october

Our family did this fun circus act for our primary talent show.  The kids, especially Maren, loved practicing for this and would beg me for the chance to get to perform it for people!  Taylor was a little embarrassed because (sniffle, sniffle) she's growing up and this was a little too kiddish for her.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

yellow dress girls

 These are my beautiful Sunday girls in their yellow dresses!  What a happy baby little Hannah is!
I like doing Taylor's hair when she'll let me
 This is a fun one!
This was my mother's day gift this year!  Thank you Spencer!  I love them!

more san fran pictures

I love visiting San Francisco!!  We went to the city one day and the discovery center with Char and the cousins the next day. I loved the discovery center and want to go back.  It was fantastic.  I highly recommend it!

 Free Ben and Jerry's?  We are so there!!!


We love the coast!  It was 65 degrees out and these crazies were still in the water!  Spencer had fun with Brent in the monster waves!  We stopped for some classic clam chowder in the bread bowl.  We absorbed the sounds and smells  and sights and tastes and touches (couldn't leave any out!) and had a splendid day!

 Run away!  It's cold!
 Those waves were making me nervous!
 Wanting to join the big boys...but not quite.
 My pretty gal!
 Brothers had blast in that water...and they froze!
 Benson got knocked over by a wave so we had to strip him, poor kid!
 Hannah couldn't resist tasting the sand...again and again.  I don't get it!
This kids could play the longest in the water.

more field trip shots

 Kids having a jolly time playing in the cotton seed at the dairy.
 the campfire group
This ventriloquist came to our library.  We had a lot of fun watching him and his puppet perform!

spencer's birthday cake

Spencer wanted a tres leches cake for his birthday this year with lots of fruit on it.  Yum!  It turned out pretty good!  And then there's my sleeping angel!  I love that girl!!

the great race

We have a silly tradition on Memorial Day.  We each get a team of snails and paint their shells.  Then we race them!  Here we are, observing the race!
Taylor's team.
Maren's team.

Painting the snails!
The race is on!

My team!

Spencer won followed closely by Taylor.  
After we're finished, our chickens get a nice meal, if you know what I mean.

shots from spencer's phone

 Spencer is learning some mad skills at work.  He bought this used tank, engineered the whole system, learned how to weld some baffles, built a new mixer for it, and set it in cement  outside the work shop.  I am very impressed.
 Have I mentioned that Maren likes to dress Benson up?  Poor guy.
 We took our neighbors to a Grizzly game.  Go Grizzlies!
This is Taylor getting her awards in third grade. Go Taylor!!

a few more birthday pics

 I liked this picture of Taylor and I!  Did I already blog about her ninth?  

 Mini golf!  We did this for McKay's birthday!  Spence and I also went on a date here and I am sad to say he beat me.  There was one hole that definitely labeled me the loser of the game.  You know the hole with the hole right on top of a big hill?  I couldn't get the ball to cooperate!

 Fireworks at Madera Golf Course!  We love this tradition!
For my birthday, we went to Dinkey Creek.  Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures of the amazing natural water slides that the kids and Dad went down.  Hannah and I were happy observers.  I love visiting the mountains!

labor day camping trip

Spencer's Uncle Paul has a tradition to go camping at "Big Meadow" every Labor Day weekend. After many arm twists, he finally got us to come along with him!  We love camping and had a great time, despite the freezing night that we weren't prepared for and the four hour vomit-ride-of-death.  We loved the big rope swing, the hike, and the run in the big meadow, and of course, the family and friend time!  Will we go again?  With three of my children vomiting all around me on the way there and back, you'd have to work hard to coax me into taking that miserable ride again.

goofing off with the camera