Monday, April 12, 2010

scripture study

We started reading the Book of Mormon this year. It's amazing to me that even McKay and Maren enjoy it--they don't even read yet. There is a special spirit that comes with this book.

Oh, and it helps that we read at bedtime. So of course they would rather read the scriptures than go to bed.

Reading each night has brought some unexpected blessings. Taylor has leaped ahead of her class in her reading advancement. It's awesome to hear her reading words like "iniquities", "inheritance", "merciful" and "obedience"--with no help!

This has been great for our family.


Spencer & Suzy said...

Hi Sarita, this is your brother, Spencer (I live in Ohio). I hope everything is going well! Should we come there this summer? Call me bye

Mary Karlee said...

What a cool thing. It is amazing how the book of mormon makes such a difference!