Saturday, June 5, 2010


For Memorial Day, we went to Rohnert Park to see Clarke's beautiful family. They were fantastic hosts. We went to Armstrong State Park and the coast. So awesome.
I put Taylor & McKay in T-ball this year. It's perfect for us. We aren't really baseball fans, or sport fans for that matter, so this 45 minute, don't- keep-score team is just right.
. He's the best. baby. ever. He's crawling and cruising around the furniture now. He has his first teeth coming in at eight months!
Taylor graduated first grade and did great this year. She received an award for reading the most books in her class. Go Taylor.

Other news: Maren is potty trained. It took a day with Dad. Spencer gets most of the credit. Thank you, husband.

McKay graduated from Preschool. He was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, "a bad guy". Oh dear!!! Why does he love to be bad?


nate and marne said...

i love the pics, and i just had to tell you, i am looking at the blog, and my little rachel comes running over and sees your baby in the tub. she says, oh baby needs a diaper!! it was cute. wow, potty training in one day is awesome! go spencer! i am never that lucky. mine take forever. we did soccer last year with our 3 older kids. it was hilarious. they didn't have enough kids on all the teams, so they combined all the ages, 3-8. colby was 7 and the star, rebekah, 5 would stand there and stare at the grass. and caleb 3, would cry because people wouldn't let him have the ball all the time. it was quite the season!! hope you guys have fun!! :)

charlotte and clarke said...

We loved having you come visit. your kiddos are so sweet. I love the pic of Benson in the bath.

Tyler and Rachael said...

i'm in love with that baby picture in the bathtub. how cute. a fun update on your family and what you've been up to. way to go taylor for reading so much and as for mckay-- my nephew had a "bad guy" birthday party--I think it must just be a boy thing.