Monday, May 18, 2009

Late Pics

Some people who scrapbook (I don't!) are a year or more late! So I figure that a month or so late isn't too bad.

Easter dresses and big smiles

The Easter Egg hunt

When Maren realized that candy is in the eggs,
she really got into it.


Becky said...

Better late than never! I'm a firm believer. It's fun to see their Easter outfits! See ya soon!

Christian Hyer said...

That's really cute. Maren has really grown up. Maybe I'm biased but it seems like all of Spencer's kids look like him. Or maybe it's just that Sarah and Spencer kind of look alike.

Susy said...

I love the pics! I too am getting ready to add some pics that are over a month late! LOL Good to see your family thru these pics!

Kristi said...

Cute pics...I am SOOO behind in some of my blogging, like 3 months or more!