Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spencer's Idea

In January our church time changed from 11-2pm to 1-4pm. All of our children take naps from 1-4pm so we were not too excited about the change. What are we supposed to do? Nap time is sacred. We, as parents, need it and the kids need it too. Spencer and I discussed possible ways to get the children to sleep from 11-12:30. Here was Spencer's plan.
Put the couch in the middle of the family room. Have the children run around the couch two hundred times. RIDICULOUS, but we gave it a try. Desperate time, desperate measure, right?

I ran with them for 50 laps. I got tired. They kept going for another 40 something laps. That ended up being about a half of a mile. (I do realize this isn't the best Sabbath day activity).

After we ran we did a lot of this...

And then Taylor was tired enough to rest a while on the couch with Dad. A few minutes later she was up and running around the couch again.

In truth, the silly plan didn't work. And all that we have tried to get them to nap before church has failed.

So on Sundays we have settled with having two rather tired children who go to bed early that night.


Mary Karlee said...

Did they really run it 200 times?!!! I'm ready for a nap just thinking about it. Good luck with the nap blues, we feel your pain.

Marcia Mickelson said...

That's a lot of running. We sort of have the same problem now that we have church from 1-4. Ruben naps from 12:30-2:30. Luckily, he's been falling asleep during sacrament meeting which is last in our ward. He sleeps from about 3:15- 4:00. It's actually nice to be able to sit through all of the meeting without having to take turns taking him out whenhe's being too loud. So at least he gets a little nap, but by 7:00 that night, he's had it.

Carrie said...

This post is hilarious. Sarah, you guys crack me up! We have nap issues on Sunday too.

meg said...

I love the plan ... too bad it didn't work! We also have 1:00 church and thus naptime dilemmas. We came to the same conclusion you did. What else can you really do? I guess just wait til next January ... Your kids are so cute by the way.