Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ABC Post

I saw this on Agnes's (is that how you write that?) blog and I thought it was fun. I thought I'd do it too, even though I wasn't officially "tagged".

A-Attached or Single? Totally Attached and madly in love

B- Best Friend? I’m more of a be-friends-with-everyone type
(but Emillie D. was my childhood and adolescent "bff")

C- Cake or pie? German Chocolate Cake

D- Day of choice? Sunday

E- Essential Item? WATER, I drink more than 10 cups a day.

F- Favorite Color? Green, and Blue

G- Gummy Bears or Worms? Cinnamon Gummy Bears

H- Home town? T-town (Turlock, CA)

I- Favorite Indulgence? Rocky Road Ice-cream & Cinnamon Toast

J- January or July? July all the way--I would be just fine hibernating through the winter...Ok, not really

K- Kids? 3 very energetic ones

L- Life isn't complete without? A good book & Family

M- Marriage date? December 29, 2001

N- Number of brothers and sisters? 2 bros, 2 sisters, 6 sis-in-laws, 5 bros-in-law

O- Oranges or Apples? Oranges

P- Phobia and fears? Speaking in public

Q- Quote? I can’t find it, but it’s about wanting to “pull up to” heaven in a station wagon with your hair pulled back, with your Peanut Butter-stained shirt or something to that affect by Margie Pay Hinckley.

R- Reason to smile? LOVE & A better world waiting for us

S- Season of choice? Spring…and Summer

T- Tag three people? Suzy, Lani, Rachelle, Stephanie, AJ, whoever else wants to be tagged

U- Unknown fact about me? I like to speed (about 9 miles over the speed limit, pretty consistently)

V- Vegetable? Spinach salad

W- Worst habit? Sleeping in—I don’t have the gumption to stop that one

X-Ray or Ultrasound? Neither?

Y- Your favorite food? Mexican—probably burritos. Café Rio. YYYUUUMM!

Z- Zodiac sign? Cancer

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