Friday, March 7, 2008

Utah Trip February 08

I did a HORRIBLE job taking pictures on our Utah trip. I took ZERO pictures of the cousins that Taylor and McKay had a blast with. I didn't even get a picture of the bride & groom! This is what I did get...Lani's shower. I had fun making the invitations and planning the games! Our family at the Salt Lake Temple. It was a cold, rainy, happy day. We had a great time at the wedding and reception. It was great spending time with family--playing games, laughing, eating, and watching the cousins play together. We had a wonderful trip.

However, traveling home was the trip from HELL!! Really. Imagine all the horrific possibilities on a twelve hour drive and they most likely happened.

The first seven hours of the trip were OK. We made great time. The kids were tired and out-of-it, so we didn't stop much, we just drove on. We made it from Orem, UT to Barstow, CA in 7 and a half hours driving at about 85 MPH.

Just before we reached Barstow, one of our wheels started making this funny sound. A few seconds later something happened. We thought the tire had blown. Turns out that the tread on the tire had fallen off. So we stopped at Burger King, which happened to be the nearest fast food restaurant, to quickly eat and change the tire as fast as possible. The kids didn't eat well.

We were on our way again, ready to continue our trip with a spare tire. I mean, come on, we have three children, we wanted the car ride to be done with.

Right after we drove through Barstow, Taylor threw up all over the car and it reeked. So of course we have to pull off again, change Taylor's clothes, wipe down the car, bag the stinky clothes, chuck the car-seat cover, etc.

Then we showed Taylor how to vomit in a Ziploc bag. We practiced with her. We had a little drill. "Oh no, Taylor! You have to throw up! What do you do?" She did it perfectly well... in the drill.

A few minutes--that's right, minutes--later on our trip she vomited, again. We stopped at a gas station this time. We got paper towels. Spencer got a great idea. (In truth, I think he was really tired of being the one to clean up!) He cut up a plastic grocery bag with his Leatherman to make a "bib". He tied it around Taylor's neck. That bag was a life-saver! It worked! Vomit #3 and #4 went right in the bag. Poor Taylor.

(notice the corner of the bag weighing down...gross!)

To top it all off, I got a ticket on our home stretch, coming into Fresno going 80mph in a 70mph-zone. I couldn't even explain to the cop what we had just been through. Would he have believed me? Is it a good enough excuse to be speeding on our last leg of our awful trip? Do you feel sorry for any of us? Yeah, it was pretty much the worst trip ever. Why don't you make up scenarios for me that could be worse? That might make me feel better!


Lindsey said...

Bummer of a ride home! We had something akin to that when we only had Jeffrey. On a trip to Mt. Shasta he did great for the first ten hours and then the puking started. Add on to that the construction zones that turned an 11 hour trip into a 13 hour trip and we were not happy campers. At least we didn't have car trouble. Better luck next time. When is next time?...we totally missed getting to hang out!

Christian & Stephanie said...

If it makes you feel any better two Thanksgivings ago we went to Wyoming. It is a twelve hour drive from there to Wisconsin. We left a day late because our kids had the flu but then were fine. We left later then we wanted to and it was sleeting and icy on the road. Late at night a bunch of really small towns and both kids puking. Some towns didn't even have gas stations open. So we would have to drive until we could find a town with an open gas station. We had a car and everytime Dylan threw up it splattered the whole car including Christian and I. Oh and our windshield wiper sprayer didn't want to work so there was ice all over the windshield and it was very hard to see. It took us forever to get home...I think we made it by 2am. Then Christian had to be to work at 6am. It was awful. Hope that makes you feel better.


Spencer & Suzy said...

Hey Sarita. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Ok - I can top your story though (even though we don't have kids). When we were on our cruise we stopped at Roatan Honduras. The funnest thing that we did was the zipline (which I think we already told you about). We were walking up to the main platform and all of a sudden vomit started falling from the sky. It got all over us (it was probably like 5 pounds of vomit in the end). Turns out, some one was at a platform above us vomiting, and they didn't see us, so yeah - we had to do the zip line with vomit all over us. At least it wasn't diarrhea! I hope that makes you feel better. Taylor looks bad in that picture. HOLY - poor thing. Well, we hope you guys are feeling better now!


Dad of the Year said...

My props to Spencer on the improvised-vomit-catcher. I need to remember that because I'm sure going to have to use it someday.

If it makes you feel any better, you could have just spent 2 days skiing in pretty much perfect conditions. That's what I did and it was...ummm...terrible.

Hope that makes you feel better.

-ryan mullen

Lani Marie Arnett said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry you had such a horrible trip home! It was so WONDERFUL to see you guys at our wedding, though. Thank you so much for coming!!!

P.S. Can you please email me a copy of the picture of us?