Sunday, August 12, 2007


My friend, Mikael, blogged about what her name meant. Her name meant "visually addictive". So, of course I wanted to find out what my name meant and I was sorely dissapointed.

Sarah H. --[noun]: A person who likes to steal tins of tuna
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

LAME! I mean, I like tuna, but I don't want to be defined as a person who steals tins of tuna!

Spencer H. --[adjective]: Similar to butter in texture and appearance
I can't wait to tell Spencer his texture and appearance is supposedly similar to BUTTER!

I guess he could pass for a stick of Land O' Lakes.

Spencer will be forever envious of McKay's meaning:
McKay H. --[noun]: A human transformer (Robot in disguise)

But Maren's is the absolute truth to what she is:
Maren H. --[noun]: A deadly strain of projectiile vomit ...
she has reflux and it is disgusting.

So, what does your name mean?


Mikael said...

That is funny about your Tuna meaning! haha. My husbands name was something dumb like that, but it made me laugh!
And you are adorable with your little one.

keliajoy said...

LOL that's so funny! But don't worry, I went on there June 6th and mine said Kelia:: [noun]: A master of storytelling I just went on again and this time it said Kelia Joy Hyer --
[adjective]: Smells like teen spirit, So keep going until you get one that you like =)