Thursday, July 19, 2007

Maren Look-Alikes

Here's a great picture of Maren with Grammy DeLane. Maren's about two weeks old.

This is Taylor at 3 months old (adjusted age) maybe.
This is McKay when he was a few weeks old. Look at all of that black hair!

McKay at about 6 weeks.
I think Maren looks like a good mix of both the children, but she has her own look, too. Who do you think she looks like? Let me know.


charlotte and clarke said...

I can't tell. I would definitely say more like McKay then Taylor, but my vote is that she has her own look. Beautiful kidos Sarah!

The Marielle (and Parents) Show said...

I choose McKay. I think it is the shape of the face that makes them most similar. So you saw my "birthday picture" on the blog. You were right, it was Ryan's idea! I guess you can read us like a book. :) I wasn't trying to steal your birthday lunch, just wanted to see your reaction to our little joke. See ya at church!

Stephanie Bjarnason said...

I think she looks like you, Sarah. We are so excited you are moving to California.

D&E said...

I can't tell who she looks like, but she looks like she belongs.