Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th!

My birthday was so great. My visiting teacher brought me a bouquet of flowers ( I have the best visiting teachers possible, they have been so helpful during my pregnancy and baby adjusting). Then some of my Primary friends took me out to lunch for some Mexican Food. Yummy. It was a beautiful, perfect summer day outside: overcast, not too hot, and not too humid.
By the way, see those two little boys? I can never tell them apart. They look exactly the same except one twin, Brent, has a little dent in his ear. Thank you dent! It's the only way to distinguish him from his brother--"Brent the dent", as we say. Oh, and Cole has a mole...somewhere, so he's "Cole the mole".

When Spencer got home from work, I had my birthday all planned out, of course. But Spencer surprised me in the car with a little gift. He came up with it all by himself! It came in this little brown paper bag. I felt the bag with my fingers and my first thought was, "Spencer got me a toothbrush". I'm always using his toothbrush and he hates it. He thinks it is so disgusting and yet he will kiss me. I don't see much difference between the two. Anyway, I open it up and I read, "Pencil". I ask Spencer, "you got me a pencil?" I wasn't too impressed. And I wasn't too impressed with the price tag that came with it. But actually, it turns out to be a very special pencil for marking your scriptures that Spencer bought at the church bookstore. It has 8 different colors. This is the perfect gift! I was impressed with his thoughtfulness and creativeness. Good job, husband!

We arrive at our destination, The Cheesecake Factory, one of the best restaurants ever! McKay kept looking out the window at those horses. He and Taylor wanted to ride them. I ordered Thai Wraps in the Appetizer section of the menu. You have to try them some time. They are so fresh and delicious. After dinner we went to hear the Houston Symphony play America music at the Mitchell Pavillion in the Woodlands. It was so nice. The kids danced around and got all of their sillies out. Walking back to the car, Spencer found a frog on the side walk. Taylor loves frogs. So we catch it and let Taylor hold it for a while and be in frog-heaven. Then it is time to let the frog go back to the forest. Then the weeping and wailing comes. "But I love the frog. I want to keep him forever, " says Taylor. We explain that he can't come live in our backyard because we have two pet dogs that would eat him. Taylor comes up with a solution. "Tomorrow", she says, "when the dogs die, THEN we can get a frog". I thought it was funny that she thinks the dogs are going to die tomorrow. Well, I agreed upon the frog pet at the time. but I hope she doesn't hold me to it.


keliajoy said...

LOL, That's the funniest thing! I can totally see the frog thing as if I were there. I miss you guys and I Can't believe you think I'm not going to make a mission!!! Hello this is me we're talking one has asked me to marry them yet and I don't see that happening for a few years either! ;)

Mikael said...

Happy b-day! I LOVE pf changs, it is the greatest ever.

charlotte and clarke said...

Nicely done Spencer! I love the frog story! I am glad you had such a nice birthday. We wish we were there to give you a monster hug.

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