Saturday, September 10, 2011


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year, we are in Oahu, HI for 10 days!! We are having such a great time!

Here's our schedule of events so far:

  • Arrive
  • Pick up Rental Car (we got the budget car, it's small and cheap and it works. We're happy with our choice. Although it looks like everyone else around us upgrades for more money. Not worth it to us)
  • shopping--we bought some food and shampoo stuff (We've been eating Raisin Bran and Granola for breakfast everyday and we also bought some pasta, cup of noodles, cans of soup)
  • Waikiki Beach--warm, beautiful blue water. We can go about 100 yards out without it getting too deep!
  • Costco--bought some chicken and some salad
  • Rented a surf board
  • snorkeled 1/3 mile to "China Man's Hat" and then back again. This is a tiny island where hammer head sharks breed!! Supposedly they don't bother humans, so we weren't too afraid. Don't worry, we didn't even see any. (thank goodness! Spencer was disappointed!) It just brought an element of suspense as we snorkeled out to the island. Saw some great varieties of fish. I even saw an octopus!! Spencer wanted to climb to the top of the island but it was pretty much rock climbing.
  • Manoa Falls Hike--So gorgeous. Awesome trees and foliage. Trail was muddy. That just added to the fun!
  • Hanauma Bay Snorkeling. This is a must!! We went early in the morning so we got in for free. The fish were amazing. I felt like I was in a fish aquarium. We touched a few fish. We saw three sea turtles. Saw two eels (they are not afraid of humans and they're freaky!).
  • Diamond Head Hike (really hot, lots of stairs, but the views at the very top of the city and ocean were fantastic)
  • Surfing--our first attempt. It was hard. We didn't even catch a wave.
  • Temple--the Laie Hawaii Temple is so beautiful. I loved all the art work inside and just the whole experience.
  • Polynesian Cultural Center--great shows and performances. Worth it.
  • Spencer loved the Hukilau Cafe. It was a big hit for him. Good size meal for pretty cheap price. We also went to the shrimp trucks because several people rave about them, however we weren't too impressed but it was ok.
  • Dole Pineapple Plantation--We loved the "world's largest maze". It took us one hour and a half. You have to find 8 hidden stations throughout the maze before you come out. They also had some yummy pineapple soft-serve ice cream. Really really sweet.
  • Sharks Cove Snorkeling--We went at a really bad time. Couldn't see anything really. Supposed to be a great Snorkel Spot but we just had a surge come in that day....Oh well, better surfing I guess.
  • Seadoos--The ocean on the north shore had big waves on this day and the seadoo was awesome. Spencer and I loved it. I'm not sure how the baby felt about it. Might have been a little too rough. It was like a 30 minute coaster ride. So fun!
  • Stadium Swap Meet--Someone told me don't buy anything except for here. It was really great advice. Every souvenir was a lot cheaper here. We spent a little too much...oops. Spencer and I got matching board shorts (cute, right?). Spencer got some rings and a nice Hawaiian shirt. I got a wrap dress, several necklances (for me and the kids), and a Hawaiian oven mitt set.
  • Watched the BYU-Texas Game. Lost by one point. Sad!
  • Surfing Take Two--much better! Spencer stood up about three times! I made it to my knees. Does that count? I was happy! :D
And that's where we are. We still have four days left so stay tuned for more!
We are having such a great time. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be here with my husband.
And I am doing well for not having the kids with me. I was worried--really worried. But the kids are loving life with Grandma and Grandpa. So Thank you Drew and De Lane!


Erin said...

So fun Sarah! Happy anniversary (early)! And why did I have to find out you were pregnant through Becky...who saw on facebook! When are you due and what are you having...I need details!

Anonymous said...

Can you please remove my blog link from your page? My blog is intended for close friends and family only. I know I could just set my blog to private, but I really don't want to as it adds an extra step for my close friends and family to read it.


nate and marne said...

wow, i am so jealous!! i have always wanted to go to hawaii. maybe for our 15th anniversary! :) it sounds like you are having a great time, keep those updates coming! love you!

Trina said...

That is great that you are updating your blog while on vacation. At least that way you will be able to remember things and write them done right away! I am so happy that you and Spencer got to go to Hawaii! Enjoy and have a super time(sounds like you are) and I can't wait to see pictures when you get back! Love, Trina

Trent and Mel said...

Ok just a bit jealous, but you guys deserve it. Looks like you're having a great time!

charlotte and clarke said...

Wow what a blast! I am glad you guys had so much fun. I can't wait to see pictures