Wednesday, August 31, 2011

school lunch

One Saturday in July, I asked Taylor to clean her room. She came out crying hysterically and told me she hadn't eaten all her sandwiches at school.

Everyday after school I would ask Taylor is she ate all her lunch. If she did, she would get a snack. Otherwise, she would have to finish her lunch, then get a snack. OK....So?

Well, this mid-summer day, she had found a whole stash of sandwiches and other lunch food under her dresser that were totally disgusting!! They were past the point of green mold. Some had yellow gunk growing on them, some had black.
I told her to go throw them all in the garbage.

It took her about four trips to the trash can in the kitchen to throw it all away. She cried the whole time and she cried for an hour after. She felt bad about lying and she saw how many times she had hidden something from me.

The whole thing made me laugh. Even though I was disappointed that my little angel had done this, it makes me so grateful that Taylor has a conscience and feels really bad about hiding something from me.

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