Saturday, August 1, 2009

maternity pix

29 weeks in my favorite maternity jumper (it's my only maternity jumper)
31 weeks

33 weeks
(pictures by Taylor)
7 more weeks to go!! Can't wait!


Stephanie said...

God luck! The last weeks or the longest most uncomfortable weeks. So do you guys have a name picked out? If so I can't remember if you share it or if you wait! Anyways hope all goes well for you and let us know when you have him!

Roberts Family Blog said...

Sarah, you look great!! Seriously! Is this one a boy or girl? I'm so way out of touch...when are you due? It's my sister, Angie who's prego-NOT me. Not quite ready for the fourth round yet. She's due on Wed with #4 and boy #2. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

Trina said...

You are looking great! I love your chickens and your chicken coop! What a fun thing for your kids to be involved in!