Sunday, July 26, 2009

summer beach trip

I love really fine sand, but it got everywhere!

Even though it was a HIGH of 65 degrees, these two still got in the water!!!

I brought sweatshirts for the kids, but I sure wish I had one.

Carmel Beach

I couldn't take much of this rock-climbing business.

Get off of there, my precious ones!

Taylor & McKay found hermit crabs! He thought it was really cool. He brought it into the car with us. We were on our way to Pacific Grove to look at tide pools.

All of the sudden McKay started screaming. His crab had come out of the shell!

Then he dropped it.

We gave it back to him and a few moments later he was screaming again
and dropped his crab again.

Then, through his tears, he said, "I don't like my crab anymore".

This doesn't freak her out like it does her little brother.
So, Taylor got two crabs. She loves little critters.

Here's a clip of the kids running from those cold waves.

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