Sunday, July 19, 2009

my little singers

Taylor knows A of F # 1,2,3.

If you ask Maren what song she would like to sing, it will most likely be "Jesus Christ", which means, "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ". It's her all-time fav.

(If you ask Maren what the name of her doll is, she will also tell you Jesus Christ).

She's always telling me, "Mommy, sing a song."

McKay can sing well, too. He just didn't want to this time. Maybe next time.

I'm not sure why Taylor is crying in the background. I think it's because I told her she sang quietly. She's very sensitive and needed more praise than "that was quiet". Sorry Taylor, I still thought it was beautiful! Oh, and maybe she's crying because Maren wouldn't let her sing with her? Maybe she's tired? Maybe all three reasons? Who knows?


charlotte and clarke said...

Your kiddos are so precious. It looks like you have had a fun summer. I wish we lived closer.

Trina said...

Those are such cute clips of your kids singing! It looks like you also got some yummy produce from your garden!

Melissa Hansen said...

you could become like the von trapp family singers! hahaha but... the vonhyer family singers! lol