Sunday, July 26, 2009

mckay's gift

First of all, I am 32 weeks and 3 days today. I look like I have a basketball under my tummy. Today at church someone asked me (again!) if I am having twins!! What is wrong with these people?!!! I really don't think I am THAT big.

McKay gave me a gift that will make my life so much easier when the baby boy comes. He can FINALLY put on his own seat belt in the car. So now I only have to buckle two--Maren and new baby boy. Hurray!

Now, I need to start working on Maren's gift....POTTY TRAINING!! Wouldn't it be awesome if I only had one tiny bum in diapers in September? That would be a darn good gift.

So, tell me, how can I push this on my child and make it work?

Taylor and McKay were both three before I had success. Come on Maren! Give me the darn good gift!


aj said...

hey. post a picture of that belly!

Gina said...

First of all you are not that big trust me. Maybe they think you have farther to go like you are due in december or something. I think you look great!

Stephanie said...

Good Luck! There is no if you start now it probably won't work. Or if it did once the baby arrived she might go back on it! Oh and on looking big...ha you just need to carry a picture of me around when I am almost due! Then they can see what big is!

Kristi said...

Both of my older kids were 3 as well. I tried making them but they just didn't want to do it. I'm hoping that Will wants to potty train earlier than that because I'm tired of diapers!

Thanks for your comment on my blog post and for your prayers. I felt your hug. :)