Sunday, December 14, 2008

pictures to share

a visit from Mrs. Clause at Playgroup this week!

I made this tote bag! This is my first follow-the-directions sewing project, so I'm proud. It makes a perfect church bag for me.

visiting the Fresno Metro Museum on Free day. Bird exhibit and...


grrrr. After Maren took her bath and was all ready for bed. She ran out of her bedroom and got back in the bath water before Mom could catch up to her. She thought it was so funny to see the frustrated look on my face.

this is Taylor's rendition of giraffe

Taylor dresses herself for school and some days are better than others. This is, believe it or not, a cute-and-well-coordinated-dress-herself day.

Taylor's math homework.
She ended the semester with a fantastic, practically perfect report card.


C and S (Mostly S) said...

I love free stuff. That is my favorite things to do!

Kristi said...

The museum looked great, yay for free stuff! The tote bag was fabulous, it didn't look like the first one you had made! Taylor is very stylish for a 5 year old! I loved all the layers, the sweater, skirt, leggings...totally fun instead of jeans and a t-shirt. :) Congrats on finding a house!!!!! And owning is SO much better than renting, you are right.