Thursday, October 16, 2008

Glorious Weather

Current: ClearWind: W at 5 mph Humidity: 35%
Today 86° 52°
Fri 90° 50°
Sat 83° 52°
Sun 83° 52°

Does it get any better than that?!!!

Funny story of today. I was helping in Taylor's class.

I like to make conversation with the kids. I ask them, "Do you have any pets?" or "What are you going to be for Halloween?" or "Do you have brothers or sisters?"

Cole is sitting at my table and coloring with a pink crayon. I ask him if pink is his favorite color.

He says no.

"Ok, so what is your favorite color?", I ask.

Here's his answer and I promise he gave his answer in less than 10 seconds! --"Red, green, blue, orange, brown, yellow, and purple."

Yeah, pretty much every color but pink.


Lani Marie Arnett said...

Oh, the warm California weather! It's so cold here right now. It snowed last weekend and is a little warmer than last weekend. :) Thanks for the comment- yes, Taylor has my face shape. I have a picture on my desk of she and I together smiling and we look VERY alike when we smile! ;)

Agnes said...

Oh, how funny! :)