Thursday, May 1, 2008


The kids are always finding snails in the front and back yards. I let Taylor and McKay hold them for a while and then we say good bye to the snails and put them back.

I know, maybe you think I should kill them. But, you see, I have a memory about snail murder that sticks out in my mind. As a young child, a few of my cousins and I found a whole bunch of snails and loved them all. Then my Aunt Karen came out and poured salt all over them. I tried to save them from there torturous, bubbling death by bathing them in water, but they all died.

I forgive you, Aunt.

This week Taylor, McKay, and I did something creative with our captured snails.

I actually got the idea from a family friend. They have a tradition on Memorial Day to paint snails, place them on the ground, draw a circle around them, and the winning snail will leave the circle first.

Weird. Interesting. Fun. Memorable.

We lost track of one of our blueish-purple creatures, and we found it in Maren's fingers. She was poking the snail to death. So I guess I do need to take some responsibility for being a snail killer.


Kristi said...

Do snails live mostly in CA or something? I've never seen them here in Texas! I don't remember ever finding a snail outside in all of my life! Looks fun though, your little snail painting adventure!

Sharee & Arthur said...

Hi Sarah!
It's Sharee (Stone) Gariety. I am guilty of blog-hopping. I was just gonna say, "How are you?" but the beauty of blogging, is that I pretty much just saw that you are doing great. We have a bunch of snails in our garden here in New Mexico, but our garden is wetter than most spots in Albuquerque. My husband was a scout master until just recently. He loved it! And I didn't have a problem sleeping without him, so it didn't affect me very much. We ordered pizza whenever he was gone and had a party so we had something to look forward to when he was gone. (That way we didn't resent the scouts.) But that Pride and Prejudice is a good idea too. Love that one. Anyway, I'm glad I found you. You're family is very cute and I'm glad you guys are so happy. See ya.

~Rashelly said...

ha ha, that's great! It is definitely a good idea to paint snails and then you can know if you see them again if they were previously your friend. JK , but it does soudn like fun. We sure do miss you guys

De Lane and Drew said...

Painting the snails looks like a real fun activity for the kids. The Kroph family would race the snails at easter. Try that one sometime! If you feed the snails the right diet you can eat them as they are the one the French brought over from France just for that purpose! Why did gas have to go so high just when I could drive down and see you once in a while, in Spencers terms, Gerrrrrrr! I hope to see you this Summer!