Monday, April 28, 2008

Just what we've been up to

This is scripture time with the kids before they go to bed. Daddy gets to do the bed-time routine on most nights. He's a lot quicker at it than I am.

Yay for having roses in the yard. This is what I do with them!

I made these hairbows for Taylor and Maren. It's pretty easy. Believe me, I am not a crafty person, but I'm a wanna-be.

This is the kids at the Fresno Zoo. We are at the Bird Show in this shot. It was pretty sweet, but the kids weren't too thrilled. I'm not sure if they could even see the birds at times, or even cared to see them.

This is what Maren did at the zoo! She's eating, yes eating, someone's Capri Sun. And she's in the dirt. What can I say? She's a number three.

Oh, and look! She has teeth! She cut all four top teeth in about one week. Poor thing.

There's not much that can top her cuteness.


Kristi said...

Cool hair bows! I have always wanted to make them (it would save me loads of money!) but thought it was too hard. I am not very crafty either.

Kristi said...

...and you are right, not much can top Maren's cuteness.

Christian & Stephanie said...

Wow it looks like you guys have been having fun!

Agnes said...

The hair bows look so good! I seriously need to make my girls some. Maren loos so big now...Maren is the baby right? Wasn't sure if I was mixing up the names :) You guys look like your having fun as always!

De Lane and Drew said...

Great bow making job! I love that Zoo, we will have to go there when I come out sometime. Four teeth at once, ouch! Love the scripture time picture, doing good Spencer!

Luv ya all!

CB and Jenn Allen said...

Love, Love, Love the bows! Which reminds me ... I need to make some too!

Aren't they fun? And sooo easy!