Friday, May 23, 2008


"Redirecting" is a technique used by parents to prevent or avoid a dangerous or negative situation for a child. For example, if Maren was playing with some electrical cords, I could redirect her attention to a book or a toy to avoid a conflict with her. She remains happy.

Taylor has picked up on this technique and uses it daily with McKay.

For example, today while I was still in bed (my children are morning people, and I'm not yet), I heard Taylor yelling, "McKay, DON'T SHOOT ME! DON'T SHOOT ME!" ......."Mom, Mckay's shooting at me, tell him to stop!..........
[I choose not to get involved this time].....

She says, "Mckay! HELP! There are mean ALLIGATORS coming to eat me! Shoot them! Shoot them!"

(McKay shoots at them)

"McKay! There's more, there's MORE!"

McKay says, "No, there's not. I got them all."

[Taylor has to redirect again now, because that didn't work well enough]

"McKay, do you want me to dress in my Mermaid costume?" (No response from McKay)

"McKay, let's go into the toy room and play with the trains."

She's a natural. She always finds some way to get him to stop pestering her or to get him to do what she wants.


Agnes said...

WOW, I like the "Redirecting" thing! I need to try it at our house...I'm always looking for new ways to avoid conflict (since all my ways aren't working)...and messy situations. I LOVE how Taylor has already picked up on this...I also love the ways she tries to redirect her little brother...CUTE!!!kids learn so quick :)

J&A said...

wow. she's good.

Christian & Stephanie said...

I am so glad redirecting works for you. My kids just look me in the eyes and say no! It is very frustrationg.

Sharee & Arthur said...

Wow. Go Taylor! She's a redirecting champion.