Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Camping Trip in April

We decided to take a family camping trip last month. We went to Bass Lake. It was beautiful weather. Being that my husband is the scout master, we had access to the "scout canoe" and took that with us. We spent the first afternoon at the lake, attempting to fish. That was a disaster. Then we left the lake to find our campsite, roast our "dogs" and "mallows", and set up tents.

We found a free, secluded camping site. We set up two tents. Taylor and McKay insisted on being in there own tent, and Maren, Spencer and I were in the other. The two older kids and Dad slept great. Maren and Mom didn't have such luck, being in a new environment and sleeping in the same sleeping bag.

Taylor and McKay were very nervous about the fire. I wasn't expecting that. They didn't want to be anywhere near it, even though it got a bit chilly at night. So they actually asked to go to bed! OK, twist my arm. Fine, you can go to bed.

In the morning we ate oatmeal and packed up to go back to the lake. We tried to start our van, but we had left the sliding doors open too long the night before while unloading, and the battery had died! Luckily there was another group of campers that came and jumped our car. The Lord was looking out for us, because we were far from other camping grounds.

Here's some pictures:

It was neat to see the holes in the rocks that Native Americans had carved out to prepare their meals in. (I'm not sure what they are called)
As I mentioned earlier, what were we thinking when we decided to take three small children fishing on a canoe??!! It was impossible. We had three poles: one for dad, one for Taylor, one for me. I'm sure one was intended for me, but I had to constantly watch Maren because she was trying to get out of the canoe to touch the water. I was so paranoid, I could do nothing but keep my eyes on my squirmy baby. The fishing lasted maybe 20 minutes before we quit. Someday...but now is NOT our time to become fishermen.

Funny story: when we realized it was time to give up fishing, we told McKay that it was now time to "reel it in". He just sat there doing nothing, so we said it again, "OK, you can reel it in now McKay, come on!" He paused for a moment and then threw his fishing pole in the lake! I guess we need to explain what "reeling it in" means next time.
Maren had a blast crawling around in the dirt and probably eating a few things that escaped my notice. Taylor and McKay are devouring the pink marshmallows.
The kids loved the canoe ride. They weren't sure at first, but gradually realized that it wasn't going to tip.
Maren chasing the ducks on the beach.

Sun-kissed Taylor did THIS when we got home Saturday afternoon.


Andrew, Amy & Evelyn said...

What a great trip Sarah! It looks like you guys had a great time. You are a good mom and dad to take them. I really like the post below about "redirecting" too. That was hilarious!

Christian & Stephanie said...

Wow!! I am hoping we can go camping sometime soon. I love camping and think it is a great family thing. Plus it builds longlasting memories!

Corie said...

Okay, I just saw your link on Susy's blog. How fun! Your kids have grown so much and are adorable. Are you still in Katy? I have a friend from HS who just was baptized and she lives in Katy. She might be in your stake. What ward are you in? It's great to see what you are up to!

Corie said...

Okay, so I just saw your "about me" section and you are in CA. I didn't think the camping scene looked like TX, but hey, TX is a big state!

Kristi & Nathan said...

This looks like it was a fun trip!

Lani Marie Arnett said...

Wow, does this bring up memories of growing up or what? Colton and I just bought sleeping bags, so we're ready to go! We miss you!

De Lane and Drew said...

I am getting home sick for the Ca mountains! Maybe we should do a family camp every year. Those that can come, come. Just a thought