Sunday, April 20, 2008

weddings and more weddings

Yay for weddings. Is there anything better on the earth than seeing two people united for all eternity?!! What a happy, happy event. I love weddings. Here's some pics of Robert and Charlotte's wedding:

It was the perfect day for a wedding (much better than my rainy day!)!

The happy couple coming out of the temple to greet their fans!

One of the highlights of the wedding was getting to see and visit with Aunt Bonnie.
We love you, Bonnie!

Aunt Karen and Stephanie, and Mom--great job with the decorations and food!

Dancing! Thinking on the reception I would change one thing. I would have moved my wild children away from the middle of the dance floor to a far, far back corner where they would have been free to dance without stressing me out. I worried about them all night because they were going crazy--running around, screaming, acting like children in the middle of the dance floor (sorry Robert, Charlotte, Aunt Karen, whoever else was offended).

In February, we went to Lani's wedding, and I LOVE the pictures that DeLane took! DeLane is a good photographer. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Aren't they adorable?

Here are some pictures of the reception.

Lani and her brothers! She has five HANDSOME brothers! And...
Spencer is the shortest one (but the cutest, of course)!

My adorable Maren

This is what the children were doing during the reception...eating the M & M's.

All the nieces and nephews.

What great weddings!


De Lane and Drew said...

Sarah & family,
I absolutly love what you do on your blog. I didn't know that McKay wore the boots for a week! Too cute! And, I think some of the pictures from your wedding were adorable, you were a beautiful bride, (still are :) )

I can't believe how much Maren has grown, I so wish I could come and visit. After next year I will be able to come a bit more, if the gas prices behave themselves!

Glad you liked some of the pictures. I will be posting my own as soon as someone shows me how!

Love you all oddles!

Nani De Lane

Kristi said...

That is such a cute picture of you and Maren. What fun weddings!