Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spencer's New Calling

Spencer is now the Scout Master in our ward. He has always been a little leery of this calling, but now that he is the Man, he is excited about it.

I, personally, think this calling will be perfect for him. I think he will do an excellent job and do great things with the boys in our ward.

There is one downfall:

I do not cope with Spencer gone on camp outs very well. I can't sleep. So this is what I traditionally watch when Spencer leaves me.

Ah, what a great movie. A six hour movie. Yes, I will be up most of the night. I will try to sleep through it, but it will most likely be unsuccessful. Spencer has at least one camp-out a month planned. I will have to impose upon my family in Turlock every once in a while to get a good night's rest.

Tomorrow will be interesting. Trying to get through the day with no rest. I can do it!


Tyler and Rachael said...

Tyler was just called to scouts as well--scouts and teaching the deacons on Sunday. His first campout was supposed to be last night-----but, rain post-poned it for another week. Maybe I'll watch Pride and Prejudice next Friday.

HPitcher said...

Hey Sarah, I know what you are going through, call Deann because she is always up for a sleep over if the Bishop is going on the camp out too.

Kristi said...

I think that Spencer will be great at this calling, it seems so him! And I am with you, I HATE being home alone at night and I absolutely CAN NOT sleep. I've actually never done a full night by myself before, I will either go to my parents' or have someone come over to stay with me.

De Lane and Drew said...

Congratulations Spencer. Have fun while your young. Sarah, I had to deal with the same issue. I'll send you my solution, it really helped!

IT all started with Mormon 5:23 that I read while Drew was camping with the Scouts and I needed sleep! Since then I have several more scriptures that will put anyone at ease! And, of course, a good movie is always a great idea! Give me a call anytime!

De Lane