Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Late Easter Pictures!

In Grandma B's backyard


All the Girls (and McKay's face)

My terrific Fam (who are tired of pictures at this point)

The Easter Baskets!!

This girl puts EVERYTHING in her mouth!

Taylor and McKay loved the candy and the "cheep"-ing stuffed chicks.

Yay for Spring!


Charlie said...

Sarah your hair looks really long and pretty. And your kids are super cute. I love the girls' matching Easter dresses.

Carrie said...

Oops... I am not Charlie!

Mikael said...

you are super cute! I love your little family

Jared and Barbara said...

Sarah your new blog is cute. Love the wallpaper and the pictures. Please show me how to do that next time you are here. Love you. MOM

Christian & Stephanie said...

I like the family picture. It looks so sunny and warm. It makes me jealous.

Kristi said...

These pictures are so cute, your hair is so pretty and your dress is cute too...did you get it at Target? I thought I saw one like it there. I wish I lived in sunny CA!

De Lane and Drew said...

Happy Late Easter! It is fun to see all the fun you are having together! I love all the adorable shots of the family!