Thursday, November 29, 2007

Language Devlepment

I'm amazed at children's ability to grasp language. They catch on to our rules and sometimes they over exaggerate them (e.g. I cutted my hair) and sometimes they overgeneralize a rule (e.g. Look at the gooses). Our language is so complex!

Anyway, Taylor made up her own contraction and uses it all the time. She says
"NO, I AM'NT."

I just think it's funny and wanted to share.


Jenn said...

That's hilarious, Sarah!!

The Marielle (and Parents) Show said...

That's too cute. I'm looking forward to Marielle talking. She babbles a lot for right now. We say she speaks Hebrew because it's sounds so guttural. Anyhow, we sure miss you guys. Thanks for the updates!