Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tile and Paint

So we have to sell our house, but to sell it we have to make it look good. I hate that we have to fix up a house to sell it. Why didn't we do all the fixing when we first moved in so we could enjoy it? I can't tell you. I guess I didn't foresee leaving it in a year. We put tile in the kitchen and bathroom. What do you think?

BEFORE: This is our yucky linoleum that is so hard to keep clean.

AFTER: Ta-da! We love it!

We did a brick-style. Doesn't it look great? I'm so happy because I don't have to clean the white ugly linoleum anymore. I so wish we would have done this sooner.

We also had the down stairs painted. Here's what happened. When we moved in, I painted the kitchen PURPLE! What was I thinking? I thought it looked so good! I like bold colors, OK? I liked it...UNTIL I finally had it repainted for resell and then I realize how much better it looks now.

Yay for a new kitchen. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I wish we could plop our Texas home in the middle of California. That would make life a little easier for us right now.


Jenn said...

I LOOOOOVE IT! All the fun improvements! I'm sure it will sell quickly! It's a beautiful home. I wanna buy it!!! :)

Thanks for your sweet compliments, Sarah! It's not me, it's the camera!

Email me sometime:

Love you, girl!

PS. Did you see Emillie on Hilary's blog? They are so cute!

Jared and Barbara said...

love the new colors!

keliajoy said...

Note to self: Redo house when I move in NOT when I move out! Thanks for the life example and sorry you're leaving such a great place!

De Lane and Drew said...

It seems that you guys always get something better then the last place you were in, so, I can't wait to see the place you get in California!

Wish I could see the house now!


charlotte and clarke said...

Sarah your house is so beautiful, I wish that I could have come to visit while you have been in Texas.