Monday, September 10, 2012

bike ride

Last night we went on a bike ride as a family on Madera's bike path.  Taylor got a new "trek" bike for her birthday with 21 gears so of course we have to try it out!  Hannah and Benson were being pulled in the carriage by Dad.  I had Maren towing behind me on a unicycle bike attachment.  Taylor and McKay were riding solo.

Well, our little ride turned into a race.  Of course Maren and I had to win!  On the last part of the trail, Maren and I really worked hard to get ahead of everyone else.  I was tired! As I started giving up and slowing down, I said, "Maren, my legs hurt!"  She replied, "Mom, don't complain about it!  Mine hurt too!  Just keep going!"

It made be laugh so hard, but it gave me the drive to keep going and we won!!  Maren and I did a little victory dance to show our happiness.

No, we're not competitive.


Mary Karlee Mullen said...

I'm glad you won. Was Spencer a good loser?

Erin said...

Ha ha! Love it! That Maren seems like quite a cutie!... I miss you Sarah! Come back to Utah!

S+S said...

MK, Spencer informed me that he let me win today. ...Whatever. :D