Friday, June 29, 2012

halloween 2011

Ward halloween party!  My friends and I were in charge.  Thank you for all involved in making it a success!  
Mckay's my big tough storm trooper.  For the past two years he has wanted this costume.  Thank you, Grandma B!!
We had  homemade rootbeer!  (thank you Grandpa Drew, who came to do this for me on his anniversary!)

 Mad Science Lab!
 Cute little Ghost Entrance!
 Watch out for that bump!
 my little storm trooper!
 Oh dear, can you guess?  Think Star Wars!  He did a Stars Wars Dinner Play and this is what he came up with.  Silly guy!  You have to have lots of confidence to wear this!
 My little Elmo Babe!
 The hula-girl!
 Maren dressed as "herself" at the ward Halloween party!
Rapunzel with the long braid

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Spencer B said...

Playing catch up with these posts? I like Spencer's costume!