Monday, November 1, 2010

We went coastal camping this summer with some friends, just before school was about to begin. The campground was really wet and freezing. The kids had a blast in the wet and the freezing.

Chillin at campground
Our good friends and neighbors. Love these people!
All of us at the beach! Benson LOVED the seagulls. He was determined to catch one. He also liked crawling in the water. .. and the sand was tasted a bit much as well.
Here's all the camping kiddos. Why didn't we take one with everyone, I don't know.
I need a photographer to follow me around where ever I go.
My blog would be much more detailed and exciting for sure!!

Terrible picture, but here's another one at the cold and wet campground.
Mt. Madonna State Park. Good times with good friends.

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