Monday, October 18, 2010

We went to CSU Stanislaus to take some shots with family. Here's cute Taylor!
So Maren stopped sucking her thumb but she still has the habit of keeping her hand on her face.
Notice how Spencer is holding her arms down?
Here's grandma and grandpa with most of the grandkids.
Benson wants to go right in with the ducks!
He loves his grandpa! (and I'm pretty sure Grandpa B. loves him!)
Gracie and Benson really love each other. It's so cute to see them interact.


LizzyP said...

Family pictures bring out the best in all of us, don't they! You guys look great.

Amber said...

Those are really cute pictures.

jennifer kuhn said...

So cute!! Your Dad has lost some weight! Your parents look fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! It is Christine Clark, Becky's mom! I love your web site. I can't believe you and Rebecca are moms to so many children! I love it! You are a great mom!
Love ,
Chino Hills

Mikael said...

Sarah, you are SOOOO beautiful! I can't believe you look so amazing with 4 kids!! You motivate me to get my lazy butt in shape!
miss yoU!