Sunday, January 3, 2010

christmas season

We had such a great Christmas season, minus being sick for about two weeks with cold and flu!Most importantly, we had another great year in the barn singing, acting, chiming, laughing, smiling, and celebrating the birth of the Saviour.
Thank you, family, for making my Christmas filled with Christ-centered fun each year.
We went to Grandpa's work party. I love this picture. It's on my frig and I look at my beautiful children and can't believe how real it is. I have four!

I spent two or three afternoons with Taylor making these snowflakes and
I had a great time doing it, so don't make fun!
We went to Clovis's Christmas Tree Lane and it was AWESOME. It's a new tradition. You're welcome to come with us next year!
This is just one of the houses. Every house in the neighborhood was decked out to the max.

Also, this is the first year we put lights on our house, but I won't show you the picture for two reasons: first, because it is nothing compared to the picture above (and below!) ; and second, I took a really bad picture that doesn't do it justice.

This is the home of a huge farmer in Kerman. She throws a massive Christmas party for her workers and family and friends every year at Christmas and invited Spencer, along with the rest of us, to join in on the fun.

She had a little train ride and a bounce house.

She served hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch for three hundred people.
She had Santa fly down from a helicopter, which was so neat for the kids.

She spent 1600 dollars at Toys R Us for all the kids at the party. Each kid got a toy based on age and gender. Taylor got this cabbage patch doll.

McKay got a remote control race car.

Maren got a cleaning set with a broom, trash can, iron, etc.

Benson even got a present (a tractor book)!

It was an unreal party! And we had a great time.

What a neat lady to do that every year for her employees.
Hope you had a happy Christmas as well!


Stephanie said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! Glad to hear you are starting to feel better!

Corie said...

Fun Christmas! And what a party! What wonderful family memories :)

Tyler and Rachael said...

What a wonderful Christmas---and what an amazing Christmas work party. Fun to see pictures of all 4 of your kids. Happy New Year!

charlotte and clarke said...

That Christmas Party is unreal! What a fun perk. It looks like you had a great Christmas, we missed being with you guys.

The Price Family said...

Looks like fun. You guys look great (as always!!). Call me sometime - when you don't need something... hahaha! lol

nate and marne said...

sarah, i'm so glad i found you guys!! you are looking great, as always. it's crazy that we both have 4 kids now!! we'll have to chat about life soon!
love your cousin, marne

Kristi said...

That is the spirit of giving right there. What a neat lady! Glad y'all got to be invited to that. Your snowflakes are cute too and I cannot believe that you have 4 kids! They're so cute. Sounds like a really great Christmas.