Sunday, November 8, 2009


that's me

Right side: "you are special to me " (that's a dress on a hanger made for me!)
Left side: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty
Gotta love her phonics!!

Lately Taylor's been into spirals and hearts and cats and colors and shapes and "I love you mom". I get these drawings all the time. I am quite fond of them and usually have at least one hanging on the fridge.

Their life cycle is like this: 1. Taylor creates them 2. gives them to me 3. they go on the fridge for a week 4. and finally, they go in the garbage (OK, AJ, not all of them...I do have a "special box" for the lucky ones). Short (but sweet) lives.


aj said...

ohhhh....don't throw them ALL away.
When I thought I had a binder I kept with all those lovely notes & drawings from my kids. I referred to the binder when I needed a quick pick me up.

aj said...

How about "When I taught"...
there, that makes sense.

caroline said...

so sweet!!! I just read in family fun an mom hangs them on the inside of her kitchen cupboards. I thought that was a cute way to show off a few more with out cluttering the whole fridge and a good way to make you smile while you're putting away your dishes :)

LizzyP said...

How fun!

Kristi said...

I agree with Caroline but I don't hang mine on the inside of the cabinets, I hang them on the outside. It's just fun and whimsical, but definitely doesn't match the kitchen decor...but that's fine with me. I am like you though, you can't keep all the drawings you get so SOME of them have to go in the trash. I always feel badly doing it, sometimes I have to actaully tell myself it's ok, you aren't a bad mom, just do it! Then I walk away from the trash can really fast so I don't think about it. HAHA I'm such a nerd! Anyway, Taylor's drawings are super cute, Kennedy loves to draw too. She's the one who gifts us with all of our art work.