Sunday, October 25, 2009

what I'm thankful for at the moment

Bringing in a new family member is a BIG adjustment....

Last Saturday I went to Taylor's soccer game with all 4 kids.

Just me. And four kids under 6.

I'm not gonna lie: it was NOT FUN.

It was really stressful.

I don't get much sleep anymore.

I'm grouchy...just ask Spencer.

I cry a lot more frequently.

I am craving adult conversation more than ever.

Sometimes I feel like a dis-functional robot going from one thing to the next.

But I know that this is temporary. I'm adjusting more and more each day.

So I am thankful that infants sleep a lot...
so that somewhere in all of this chaos I can take a moment for myself and remember how grateful I am to have a family that brings joy in complete abundance each and every day.
And life is so so good.


aj said...

hooray for infants who sleep a lot

ps. I bet you're doing A LOT better than you're giving yourself credit for.

Stacy said...

I love that new borns sleep! Let me know how I can help, I can always take your two older little ones for awhile!

LizzyP said...

Feeling grouchy is the worst side effect of sleep deprivation. (Well, it might be up their with blurred vision.) At least when you cry people feel bad for you. But when you're grouchy everyone feels license to be nasty, too.

Stay with it. And let that baby sleep.

Mikael said...

oh sarah, I feel your pain! I "only" have 3 kids, but when I had 3 kids UNDER 2 yrs old I was going MENTAL, I mean M E N T A L. I cried everyday, was a mess, and wondered why people liked being a mom.... but it does get better. You are the best mom ever, and if you ever need a good laugh CALL ME! I would LOVE to talk to you (us moms all need social interaction)

Agnes said...

I hear ya sista! Outings are crazy with 4 little kids! I'm glad your baby sleeps alot...hopefully you can get a nap in there somewhere! Whenever I think I'm the only one trying to take care of 4 kids all under the age of 6, I'll think of you...and pray for you too. :) Congrats! on you sweey baby!

Stephanie said...

Hey at least your kids have a good spread. All 4 of my kids are 5 and under. I bet Maren is a big help. Aubree tries but she is still a little too young! Hope it gets better.

Kristen said...

Can I just say that that makes me feel so much better about the way I often feel and I've only got two so far. You're amazing!

Rachelle said...

wow, he is soooo cute! I can see that I have a lot to look forward to! ;) That is so cool what your neighbor did. I wish we knew our neighbors better.