Monday, October 12, 2009

two little misunderstandings today

1. I love all the yummy treats people bring you when you have a baby. Thank you!!

Yesterday someone brought us a plate of banana, pumpkin, and shortbread. McKay wanted to try some so I said, "McKay, try some shortbread".

His reply: "No, I don't want short bread, I want LONG bread!"

2. I check on the chickens. You know, to make sure they are alive, to see if they have eggs--but mainly to see if they have a sufficient amount of food and water.

Well, today I told Taylor that I was going to go "check on the chickens" and she, being a sweetheart, ran ahead of me to do the job. She came back swiftly and let me know that "the chickens are being good".


charlotte and clarke said...

That is so cute, I especially like the story of the chickens. Your family is beautiful. Mr Benson couldn't be cuter!

Kristi said...

Funny! I love kids.