Monday, September 14, 2009


When Taylor's away at school, these two have really learned to be buddies.
It's quite the love/hate relationship, but they do OK.
Maren puts up with a lot of bullying from big brother.
She's a trooper though. She knows how to come crying to me to make me think McKay did something worse than what actually happened.
A few of us moms started a preschool co-op for McKay's age group. I am really excited about it. It is going really well so far. I'm very pleased with how all the kids are doing. Stacy is teaching this month. I'll be teaching in November. I'll post pictures once I get around to taking some. :D
Maren tags along and thinks she's in school too.

Taylor has a great great great first grade teacher and seems to really enjoy school.


Tyler and Rachael said...

Super cute pictures of your kids! I love their smiles. Sending you best of luck for whenever your body decides to deliver your baby!

Riley and Emillie said...

Baby yet? I'm excited for pictures!

Corie said...

Fun, fun times at school! I'm glad the co-op is going well. When we did that in TX it was a fun year!

Kristi said...

Cutie little school-goers. Isn't it so cute how the younger siblings feel just as old as the older ones? It's so hard to tell them that they can't do all the things their older brother and sister can do.