Sunday, August 9, 2009

Father/Daughter Camp-out

I made them take a camera and told them to take pictures. Taylor took most of these pictures, I think.

While they were away, McKay and I went to Grandpa and Grandma B's and had a great time doing the boy stuff. We took McKay to drive go-karts (Grandpa drove him). Grandpa also took McKay to Lowe's to build a little wooden helicopter. Unfortunately, no pictures this time.


Stephanie said...

Wow..I didn't know that they still had Father/Daughter campouts! Every ward I have ever lived in since about 5 years of age hasn't allowed them. They are however some of my favorite memories!

LizzyP said...

Awesome! I don't think a ward that I've been in has had a father-daughter campout but it sounds like a great thing.