Saturday, July 18, 2009

summer days

The summer has flown by! We have a nice schedule to keep us busy all week.

Mondays: Picnic in the park
Tuesdays: Free Movie in Fresno & possible out to lunch
Wednesdays: Water park, shopping, and possible library
Thursdays: Library
Fridays: Play at home!

We read each day from the library books we check out. Taylor is quite the reader.

All three of the children have become little fish in the water. Taylor can swim! (I need to take pictures!)

We have acquired way too much stuff this summer. I'll blog more about it later, but sometimes I feel like we have compiled a whole childhood of entertainment into one summer. We got a trampoline, a playground, two new puppies, 15 new chickens, and a piano. Plus little birthday toys to keep us busy. Crazy.

So we have not been bored this summer by any means.

I can't believe school starts in one month. So sad. "Summer days are drifting away...."

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